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Need a New Blood Pressure Machine

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I'm searching for a new blood pressure machine, as ours has died.  It served us well, but, time for a new one!  We need one that is really accurate, especially with low blood pressure.   Borrowed an Omron from my aunt and my daughter swears up and down that it reads too high.  When we CAN get our old one to actually work, it will show a much lower reading, one that coincides with the way she is feeling.  Our old one was an AandD.  Also, they have small arms and would like one with a smaller cuff (found a few, but not sure on accuracy).  Anybody have any favorites?

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I got a Welch Allyn a couple of years ago because that’s what my Dr’s office uses and it had a small cuff and it consistently read much higher than my Omron 10 and my Drs. I actually took both in to an appointment and the nurse checked them against both their electronic machine and manually and the Omron was definitely the closest to theirs. 

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