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A study on saline infusions

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I'm sure many of you already know this, but reading about an actual study was informing none the less: 


The two parts that really caught my attention: 


Workwell proposed that neuroinflammation-induced damage to the nervous system, which damaged the “central autonomic control structures”, could explain the low blood volume and orthostatic intolerance seen in ME/CFS.



Getting a venous line inserted and then getting saline regularly obviously isn’t an option for the vast majority of us. But what if there was another easier and cheaper way of increasing blood volume? Recent studies in ME/CFS and POTS suggest one particular oral rehydration solution may work very well. 

Ok, I'm hooked (okay, I read just about everything on this site anyway). Now I can't wait for the second part. 

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Yes, I also have heard about this however - I personally have never responded as well to oral rehydration products ( not even remotely ) as I do to IV fluids. Anything oral goes right through me and I pee more than I take in, however with IV fluids I do not. 

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