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What is this hot liquid like feeling across chest/arms

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This certainly  isn’t the first time I’ve felt these attacks but it may be the most reoccurrences I’ve had in one day/night. The body heat usually starts or gets to a point where it feels like hot liquid is being poured across my chest and/or torso and arms, becoming increasingly hotter until it feels like I’m wearing a shirt shaped heating pad.

Does anyone know what this sensation is or what causes it? Is it actually blood moving around that I’m feeling or some other sort of chemical reaction? It’s generally followed by lots of sweating, nausea, digestive distress and sometimes palpitations though I’m not sure if the latter is also due to my reaction to it.

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The aftermath was that when the heating pad sensations receded a bit and I tried to sleep, the muscle cramping was some of the worst pain I've ever felt, intensifying with any attempt at relaxation. It was only the second time I'd ever attempted to take a Xanax to sleep (0.25 mg) and it didn't work. Subsequently, I've missed the last two days of work attempting to recover. 

The result of the phone consult with the neuro yesterday is that he believes weather/barometric changes could be responsible for this new round of flair ups. We are coming up upon the roughest part of the year for me the last couple of years. His recommendation is to add a new med (muscle relaxer) only to be taken during flare ups. I could be wrong about this, but I believe he said it will block interleukin activity? 

Try this for two months and get back to him. At best, though it seems like this is only going to let me sleep after an attack. It's not really going to stop them from occurring or help otherwise. 

Edit: Forgot to add that he does believe this sensation is some sort of chemical response to something, but when I brought up mast cell activity (MCAS), he said that he believes that type of response would be a different set of symptoms that includes some type of swelling and inflammation, rather than just a heating up sensation and sweating. 

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