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Alcohol, caffeine and Hyper POTS?

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Before I tell you about my alcohol and coffeine symptoms, few things you need to know about me is:
1) I don't have any diagnose yet (because its difficult to get one) 
2) but I think I have hyper POTS for 16 years (high blood pressure, tachycardia, sweating, cold hands/ears (sometimes), overstimulation state, sleeping disturbances, tremor and sometimes more. Symptoms triggers: exercices, heat, undersleeping, coffee, alcohol, stress, computer(long time) , horror/gory movies. 


I didn't drink the alcohol or coffee for a  long time obviously, but still perfectly remember all of the symptoms.

I wonder if my hypersensitivity to them may tell doctors more about my possible type of Dysautonomia or reveal the underlying cause of it?

 Alcohol and coffee causing severe high blood pressure, palpitations, head pressure, shortness of breath, sweating, anxiety and some other very bad symptoms for me, even if I drink a little bit. Especially bad symptoms I had after making a few sips of vodka. 

I heard that alcohol is vasodilator (in small doses), and in big doses it becomes vasoconstriction. 

 Could be possible that I have, apart of Dysautonomia, some kind of rare disorder that has something to do with abnormal work of the blood vessels, that they overdilate or not dilating enough or they are too sensitive, any other versions what is going on when I drink? 

Also is there any xray motion test that allows doctors to see what is going on with my blood vessels when I drink alcohol or cofee? Maybe to measure how thick they are, when I drink? Or at least to do the static/still xray test of them and not necessarily in the movement? 

Any ideas? Thanks. 

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It's easy to get a hyper A POTs diagnosis compared to the past, when it had no name and wasn't believed, even by existing autonomic doctors.  You just need to go to a POTS center and get tested on a tilt.  You are asking for suggestions for running to keep your BP down - YOU NEED TO KNOW IF THIS IS POTS OR NOT.  Guessing doesn't work.  

Alcohol causes high BP in those of us with hyper A POTS USUALLY because we are reacting to the high histamine in the fermented part of booze.  Per Dr.  Raj (white papers) patients with hyper A POTS, for real, are salicylate sensitive and have severe hypertensive events from aspirin and are unable to clear enough tyramine from their system (from fermented foods and old proteins sitting in the frig and more).  I have a hypertensive crisis (220-120 and more) from alcohol because of the tyramines.

Your reaction to alcohol reads typical for a patient with POTS and mast cell activation disorder, which you might want to look into.  Mast cell reactions, which again might be what's happening to you when you exercise (causes high BP in some and low in others) can cause HEART ATTACKS.  I've had two so far.

But most importantly, you need to see a POTS doctor - you might be having a mast cell event ONLY.  MAST CELL ACTIVATION DISORDERS: can cause hypertension or a reaction FROM EXERCISE.  And from ALCOHOL.  Best of luck.  Most of us have had to drop the huge dollars and effort and go to a POTS center.  I've been to Mayo Jax, Mayo Rochester, Vanderbilt and Cleveland  Clinic.  Good luck!

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Hi. Thank you for the interesting info. I will have a look again on this version. But as far as I know Mast cell people have always hives or rashes/flushing and this is common symptoms for all of them? Also they badly react to the beta blockers, which is I am not. So because of this I kind of ruled it out myself. Do you have hives/rashes/flushing and bad reaction to beta blockers as well? 

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