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Question about maca and odd growth it seemed to have caused..

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This is my first time posting, please bare with me.. 38yo female. I possibly have hyperPoTs(doctors here haven't done any tests and generally don't help), symptoms of intracranial pressure, and digestive issues.

The last 3 months I started taking maca.  I eased into it slowly taking only one 500mg(Wal-Mart brand) a week and slowly added another each month as to not shock my body with hormones quickly. I noticed an improvement in my symptoms while increasing. The more I took the more my symptoms got better. It was a godsend Altho I did still have blood pressure spikes at certain times of my cycle..however in the 3rd month of taking them I noticed a blueish/purple growth on the inside of my lower lip. I also noticed that my lip seemed lumpy on the inside in general as if more were developing. The only change I made was the maca.

I stopped taking it and it started to shrink, but has not gone away completely. I went to hematology and she ran blood clotting factors thinking clots. All that came back normal. She is unsure what happened, or what it is and just sent me home. 

Anyone have issues like this with maca? I felt so much better while on it, but I'm worried about the growths on my lower lip..

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