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Anyone here faint while getting their blood drawn?

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I faint every time I get my blood drawn and it's not because of needles or the sight of blood, it's because of pots. I started laying down during blood withdrawal and I do get palms,etc but no fainting. Anyone here go through the same thing?

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This is called neuro-cardiogenic syncope, or vasovagal syncope. It is a type of dysautonomia. I have it - my fainting is caused by standing and stress, even a scare ( like a fainting goat ). Certain triggers can cause it - getting stuck with needles for blood draws is one. Lying down for draws can help, as you have already figured out. This type of dysautonomia can be diagnosed by TTT. I have both NCS and HPOTS, NCS was found first during TTT, HPOTS by TTT and neurotransmitter levels. 

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