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First day of acupuncture and feel great? Anyone here have tried?

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I went for some acupuncture today. Doesn't hurt at all and super relaxing! As soon as it was over I felt sooo much relief. I got up no palps,no dizziness! Will go next week again. I can highly recommend! Anyone here get acupuncture for their pots?

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I tried it once when I was having severe insomnia as well as a small POTS flare up.  I did feel really great afterwards--super relaxed.  I don't think it helped POTS or my insomnia.  However, my guess is that acupuncture is most beneficial when practiced regularly -- it is not a treatment that would be expected to be effective after one session?

I don't think there is any research that supports acupuncture as a treatment for POTS/dysautonomia.  But it has been shown to be helpful for pain management.  

Let us know how it works for you.

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On 9/13/2020 at 9:37 AM, Elegiamore said:

I went to three acupuncture doctors.  Each one of them told me that with my extremely high norepinephrine readings with hyper A POTS, that they wouldn't touch me because they could cause a malignant hypertensive crisis.  My experience.  I was very disappointed.


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