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Questions regarding my Echocardiogram Report

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I am a 25 year old male 5ft 10inch and 75kg.

I had an echocardiogram done recently due to my High Blood Pressure from HPOTs. When I went to see my Doctor for the results he said everything was normal, however when he gave me the report I found a few concerning details.

Ejection Fraction was 80%
Fraction Shortening was 48%
IVSd was 1cm
LVPWd was 0.9cm

Should I be concerned about such a high Ejection Fraction and Fraction Shortening?

Do my IVSd and LVPWd values indicate borderline Left Ventricular Hypertrophy?

Thanks in advance!

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I think with anything, it's always safest to just ask your doctor. Tell them you read the report, were concerned by some of the numbers and would like them to discuss it with you. Reading up online can only lead to feeling more concerned or confused. If you feel your doctor isn't giving you the answers you need it's always perfectly fine to get a second opinion from another MD.

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@Sam4877 - I agree with what @KNF recommends. This Forum is designed to share experiences and is not capable of interpreting tests. Please direct any questions to your doctor. Good luck!!!!

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