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Hands and Legs going numb


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@Sam4877 I may. I have not officially been diagnosed with that, however the specialist who diagnosed my POTS did a few tests and declared I am hypermobile but did not put it as an official diagnosis. 

I had tingling and numbness at the start of my health decline and it got better and now it’s back. If I cross my legs or sit on my hand for a few minutes it will go numb. That may be normal for everyone though? I remember having that happen when I was a kid too, long before I had POTS. I have woken up in the middle of the night with absolutely zero feeling in my arms. And I was laying on my back.

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It's normal, my hands and feet go numb if I don't move them for a bit while resting etc. Just holding my hands at chest height can make them numb.

Got diagnosed with EDS+POTS, 

Nothing worse than waking up and not being able to get up because your hands have no control. 

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