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Changes in baseline and standing BP

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Hi guys, I have been consistently getting a resting BP of 122/77 (sitting BP) since a very long time and since the past few weeks it has changed to 135/91 (sitting BP) and standing BP which use to be 135/92 to 111/77. I was suspected to have hyperadrenergic POTs and always had a high standing bp and normal sitting bp. Has anyone else experienced something similar where the BP's flip sides? My HR still goes up which is consistent with POTS.

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Mine has flipped, but the other way. 

When I was first diagnosed it went from normal to 70/40 standing for 10 minutes. Longest 10 minutes of my life!

Now mine stays pretty consistent (although I often can’t stand long enough to test it) with just the diastolic rising a bit and making my pulse pressure narrow. It feels just as awful either way.

I haven’t seen a specialist since 2016 so I’m hoping that I can soon... to see if there are any notable changes that might lead us in the right direction.

Hang in there! I know symptoms for me can change from minute to minute. Sometimes a HR of 115 feels awful and 140 feels bearable. It’s so confusing.

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@Sam4877 - I have HPOTS and my BP and HR used to soar whenever I stood. Since I am fairly stabilized on medications, IV fluids and limitations I uphold my BP now tends to run on the low side.  Currently I am in a flare and am suffering from fainting and other symptoms caused by LOW BP, and I am thinking it has to do with the heat. 

My autonomic specialist always told me that HPOTS can change over the years because The ANS can dysfunction in many ways, and with medications and simply age related changes in our bodies the ANS will adjust and compensate. For a while I was in a really bad boat - high BP when lying down and low BP when standing up. Today - as I said - it is the orthostatic hypotension that causes me problems ( I also have NCS ). 

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