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Has anyone had COVID-19?

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Just seeing if anyone with dysautonomia has had COVID-19, and if so, how did you cope / recover?

I currently have a dry cough and I am going to get tested tomorrow. Feeling a bit nervous about it but hoping it's nothing.

I live in Australia and the cases are a lot lower here, but we did just have a cluster outbreak nearby.

Really hope everyone is staying safe and well 💜

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@Scout - I have not had COVID but I would like to suggest that - if you ( hopefully ) test negative - the dry cough could be related to allergies. I know you have winter over there now and there could be a lot of allergens in the air. 

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Hi Scout - I had symptoms back in March but was not able to get tested. I took vitamin C, wobenzym, and vitamin D. I also put a couple drops of (Garden of Life) oregano oil in hot steaming water and breathed it in deeply with a towel over my head and the bowl. I did that once a day while I felt sick, and it really helped my chest tightness and shortness of breath improve.


I hope you don't have the virus and that you feel better soon!!

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