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Getting Stuck Halfway into Sleep

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Sometimes get stuck between sleep and awake. The state is deeply relaxed and drowsy but still consciously aware and can't quite transition to sleep.

This only happens in my flares. If it was adrenaline surely I wouldn't get so relaxed and sleepy? Often I get a tight feeling in my head and the more tired I get the more drowsy I get but the harder it is to fully transition into sleep.

I'm probably weeks or months away from seeing a either a POTS or sleep specialist so been wondering if anyone else had this and had worked out anything that helped?  Or has anyone got an idea what is happening?

The only thing I have worked out for sure is getting too tired makes it more likely as is trying to nap in the day after a bad night.

Overall my sleep had been better for a few nights but then this started happening again and apart from getting tired with low BP in the evening I couldn't see what the trigger might be.

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