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Racial inequality in healthcare - a statement from DINET's Board of Directors

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Below is a statement from the Board of Directors of DINET and the Administrator of this forum in response to recent efforts to bring awareness to the many forms of racial inequality and injustice  in our country.   We invite members to join in this discussion, however comments and remarks must be related to the subject of race and healthcare only.  We remind members that we do not allow political discussion or commentary on this forum and any remarks outside the subject of healthcare will be edited or removed.  Thank you.


"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane."  - Martin Luther King, Jr. at a convention for the Medical Committee for Human Rights held in Chicago in March of 1966

DINET has always been grounded by the principle of support.  In alignment with our mission of support, we believe Black Lives Matter and support organizations, movements and people working to reduce racism, discrimination, prejudice, violence and systemic injustice in our country and throughout the world.

And, as an organization that believes wholeheartedly in advancing healthcare for our members who live with dysautonomia, we must acknowledge that we have not done a good job recognizing the inequities in healthcare experienced by Black Americans day in and day out, including those who live with dysautonomia. 

We are sorry to our Black members, brothers, and sisters for not joining the conversation sooner.  We are listening.  We will keep educating ourselves.  And, as we continue to work toward our goal of a more equitable healthcare system, we will be conscientious about recognizing the particular healthcare inequities faced by Black Americans. 

DINET Board of Directors and Administrators

To view links and resources related to this subject, please visit https://www.dinet.org/info/dysautonomia-disorders-diagnostics-info/racial-disparity-and-healthcare-r237/


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