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Allergies caused be mulch pots flare !

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Hi everyone

Hope you all doing ok in these strange times. We are still in lockdown 8 weeks and counting , so I have been using this time to get all those things done I never have the energy for ! I have managed to be very productive as long as I stick to my strict regime. I just wanted to share a story which proves that even when we feel better we have to keep been thoughtful of everything we do ! 

So I got the garden weeded and planted up and to help with easy maintenance I decided to use bark mulch, I have used this in the past no issues . Due to lockdown I had to use different supplier I picked water retaining bark in plastic bags. Stupidly never checked what was in it ! Long story short I have had blisters, rashes over my eyes and legs, breathing problems and really increased pots problems . I have since found out the mulch was mainly pine, I know I’m very allergic to it, also the bark stunk which apparently can mean lots of mould spores or toxinseven some of the plants weren’t happy after laying it. 
After researching I have now added nitrogen to the bark and leaving it for a few days that seems to have dissipated the smell, hoping  it will now stop my reaction as I really don’t want to have to remove it all ! 

A lesson truly learnt never stop being mindful of this condition ! 

stay safe everyone ! 


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@dancer65 - how awful!!! Are you OK now? --- I too get really bad POTS flares when allergies strike, for me it is mostly pollen and insect bites. I have to take antihistamines or I become bedridden. Your reaction sounds terrible, no wonder you developed increased POTS symptoms!!! And yes - it is always important to be mindful of our vulnerabilities due to this disorder.  As soon as we get ahead and feel somewhat normal … WHAM! Something bursts the pretty ( short-lived ) bubble and brings us back into reality!!! 

Thanks for reminding us - and I hope you recover!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Pistol 

The swelling on my eyes are very slowly going but still burning and itching , my thighs are covered in blisters which are slowly drying up but I think the heat exasperates the itching and it’s now two weeks today since I laid the bark ! Feel better pots wise this morning spent a few days doing not much at all ! 
I could truly kick myself for being so careless I should know better . The reaction took 24 hours of laying the bark so it took me a few days to work out what had caused it . 
yes I too react badly to bites I suppose that will be the next problem to overcome ! I had a new inhaler off the nurse which has really helped with the tree pollen this year .

hope you are ok at the moment and coping during the pandemic . Xx 

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