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I have HperPots or Dysautonomia of some kind. Additionally, I have low blood volume (right heart). I haven’t been able to see whether a blood clot is blocking it from filling. No way of even getting a CT or finding a doctor during the pandemic.

Nonetheless, my BP and HR are out of control. (BP is fine if supine). 

I’m now taking Mestonin. I also have MCAS and sometimes take Atarax or Benedryl.

Since Mestonin effectively increases acetylcholine, and Atarax reduces it, are the H1’s here making Mestonin less effective? 

As an aside, having a rough time keeping HR level. Coreg works best, but causes bronchospasms (ER worthy). I’m trying Clonidine, but think working on Beta receptors is key. No way to do that due to asthma.

Oh, I just started Latuda for unipolar depression (I know, antipsychotic?). I wonder if it actually counters Clonidine by acting on adrenergic receptors.

Poly pharmacy is killing me.

I’ve got a different doctor prescribing each one, due to no doctor understanding everything.

Thanks for your help. I’m a bit of a mess. Priority is my HR. 

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Hello @Aaron_Arkin - even if you have different specialists ordering your various medications your PCP should have an updated list of them. You may want to direct these questions to him, or ask the doc that ordered each med. Whenever ANY doc orders a new med they look over your list of meds to see if there are any contraindications. Whenever I have a question like yours I call my pharmacist. assuming you use the same pharmacy for every prescription they have a complete list of your meds and they can look up your questions. They certainly are all valid questions and my bet would be the pharmacist as the best go-to. 

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I take Licorice Extract twice a day.

I was told the Licorice extract stabilizes the cortisol in the blood and keeps the cortisol in the blood longer which stabilizes bp.

When I was bad in my flare up my cortisol was probably being used up to keep my bp up.  

I believed Licorice helped for that. The adrenal effects.

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Old school antihistamines do have affinity for mainly muscarinic receptors where they might decrease the effects of acetylcholinesterase inhibition to a degree.

Clonidine acts mainly on alpha 2a receptors in the brain to suppress sympathetic outflow.

Unless Latuda is an alpha 2 antagonist i doubt it would interact with clonidine.

Does clonidine help your situation in a setting where licorice also does? 

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