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What mattress and base do you own

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@Alice Jean - I just have a bottom-of-the-line mattress but I do think that a proper mattress can make all the difference. If you can afford it at all it might be very beneficial to invest in a reasonable priced mattress. I am not sure if an adjustable base would be necessary other than for comfort, but it is recommended to raise the head of the bed for POTS.  I found this on Dysautonomia International: 

Elevate Head During Sleep
It is recommended to slightly elevate the patient's head during sleep. This is done in order to help (re)condition the patient's body to orthostatic stress,6 and this can also help patients that may be experiencing gastric motility problems that result in acid reflux or G.E.R.D. The best way to do this is to raise the head of the bed with a few bricks or large books. A wedge pillow is not very helpful for this. Elevating the whole body and having the feet be lower than the hip area is needed to get the intended benefit. A wedge pillow only elevates the shoulders and head, but does nothing to change the position of the hips or the lower legs.

According to most of the literature all that is recommended is elevation of the head, so I am not sure that an adjustable bed would be necessary. But I always follow my older, starving artist brother's advice:   Save where you can but never on mattresses or shoes!!!!!!!

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I forget which national brand-name my home mattress is, but it was the softest non-pillowtop I could buy.  I wanted to be able to flip/rotate the mattress for better wear.   I then added a 3" gel topper from Costco.  

I've tried elevating the head of my bed by using wood blocks a few times over the years, but couldn't get used to the feeling and couldn't fall asleep with it that way.   Likewise, I've had adjustable beds in some of the hotel rooms I've stayed in and almost-lay-flat seats on aircraft and also ran into similar issues with not being able to fall asleep with them.    

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@Alice Jean - I have a King Koil mattress on an adjustable base.  With my doctor's approval, I sleep with my *feet/legs* slightly elevated, and not my head.  Speaking only for myself, I discovered that when I slept with my head elevated, especially when I was very symptomatic but not yet diagnosed and on meds, the brain fog was much worse when I woke up.  Knock wood, I sleep great on this bed; better than I did even before POTS showed up.  Most of the bed places around here will let you try out a new bed in your home for a certain period of time, say, 30 days, 90 days, etc., so you might check in to that.  For me, it was worth every penny. Wishing you best of luck, a comfortable bed and restful, refreshing sleep!

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