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I treated my brain fog with a supplement I found

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Hello All,

I have been experimenting with the racetams. These are a class of pharmaceuticals developed by the Soviet Union to treat cerebrovascular disorders. They available without a prescription in USA where they are considered supplements. The racetams are popular in USA as so-called "nootropics," alleged to improve cognition in normal people.

I tried: piracetam, aniracetam, and oxiracetam.

I can't speak with confidence about piracetam and aniracetam, but it is clear that oxiracetam improves my brain fog significantly. I am a big fan of this drug. I refuse to take it regularly, but only occasionally, because I don't want to become dependent. I take 1,500 mg in a day in a divided dose (two 750 mg pills). 

I became interested in the racetams after reading that they increased blood flow to the brain. I am convinced that my problem is that I don't get enough blood into my brain.

In general, I have been doing a lot better lately. I don't engage in high impact cardio exercise anymore and I take mestinon. Mestinon is a huge booster for me and I would not compare the benefit from oxiracetam to mestinon. Mestinon is in another ballpark, although its benefits take a long time to build up. All I've noticed with oxiracetam is that I am a little brighter, perkier, and reaction time seems a bit faster. 

I would be interested in hearing from other people who have experimented with the racetams or have any knowledge as to why they have not been tried more with POTS patients. 




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Hi, @green,

I'm glad you've been feeling better! I have never heard of racetams . . . what helped my brain fog (before I started taking Propranolol) was when I figured out that it was caused by poor blood flow to the brain, and started laying down for 20-30 minutes with my legs elevated.  When I got up, the brain fog was significantly improved. My brain fog was the worst in the morning, which I eventually figured out was because I had been laying flat all night.  Even now I sleep with my legs slightly elevated, with my POTS doc's OK.  I echo @Zofie's sentiment about proceeding with caution, especially if you've not already discussed these supplements with your doctor or even your pharmacist.  If they're not widely used for POTS patients, your doctor or pharmacist may have ideas/knowledge of why. I wish you good health and continued improvement!!


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