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Does anyone ever get a low grade fever during what seems like a pots attack? I haven't had this very often maybe 3 or 4 times in 10 years but very very occasionally I have had an episode when I have gone to bed and will be woken up with shivering and sweating - a temp of 37 (98.6). Next I will have a fast heart beat and what feels like a panic attack. Stomach cramps and excessive urination will follow and eventually I fall asleep, and although wiped out the next day the event will be over. I just wonder if it is like a build up of adrenaline as it happens after prolonged standing or sitting the previous day or maybe not hydrated enough?.

Do you get actual pots attacks and do they resemble this? Luckily my autonomic dysfunction is mild and controlled, but overdoing things can lead to this scenario and often happens out of the blue. It feels like flu but it isn't as it lasts only for a few hours and is luckily very infrequent

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Those sound like my mast cell attacks. I get chills like I have a fever, feel clammy, my bp plummets, and I generally feel like I've been struck by a virus. Along with this is a feeling of anxiety or doom, abdominal cramping, and lots of nausea and vommiting. I used to be wiped out for a few days after, and or end up in the ER needing fluids. Now, I have been instructed to take liquid benadryl immediately when I notice signs I even think are a reaction, and this often cuts off the reaction at the pass. In my case, I have a lot of mast cells in my gut, so will sometimes they get triggered (by a food, temperature, or even significant stress) and so I essentially have an allergic reaction. Mast cells release many many mediators, not the least of which is histamine, many of which can wreak havock on blood pressure, heartrate, vein dillation, ect. 

This is not to say that your attacks are the same, but it may be worth investigating Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and or seeinv if an antihistamine helps in one of these times. For me, my POTS is WAY less stable if my mast cells are being extra trigger happy.

or look into abdominal migraines.

good luck in the search! 

be well

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If I overdo it, this sounds similar to what I experience the following day. I also have POTS, with most symptoms well-controlled on medications (still working on my low BP and "brain fog"). I am trying to arrange my schedule as much as possible for a low-key at-home day after every busy day, as I am generally useless (and feel somewhat ill) after overdoing it. If you find a solution, I'd love to know - best wishes.

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