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Dysautonomia:POTS and School Truancy

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Hello, my name is Madison. I am 17 years old suffering with POTS. I have a diagnosis but nothing is working in terms of medication and lifestyle changes. I have been trying to find an answer to help me live a normal life instead of being sick and wanting to pass out all the time, but no one seems to be getting close to finding an aid. This scares me because I am about to go off to college and will have to get a job and walk around campus and I want to be better by then. But anyway, with the topic I am in high school currently. I am trying to stay in school as much as possible but it is like a marathon getting from class to class. I dread having to get up to go to school because I feel absolutely awful everyday. With this people have suggested homebound schooling but I cant do this or any of the IEP/509 plans if that what its called because I am also in a college program at my school that is attached to my highschool. So if I go to homebound schooling, I wont be able to get my associates degree when I graduate hs which is what I have been working on for four years. I am scared of the school calling truancy because it can get my parents in trouble. I cant be homebound or have those health plans so I am not sure what to do to get the school off my backs about my attendance. I just want to get better because my POTS has been ruining my life. Please let me know!

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Dear @MadiJohn - I am so sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with POTS! I know that many people who get it as young as you have found improvement over time.  -- Can you use a wheel chair to get around in school? I know it might embarrass you but it could help you a lot. I use a wheel chair anytime I have to walk or stand long, like shopping in a mall etc. It really helps to prevent the worst symptoms b/c you don't get up and down so much. - In our HS they offer temporary tutoring at home for students with illness or injuries that are expected to not be able to attend school for several months. 

Also - are the treating your POTS at all with medication. since the self-treatment does not appear to be effective? Are you seeing an autonomic specialist? Many of them take up to a year until you get an appointment, so unless you already are seeing one you may want to ask your doctor to be referred to one. There is a list of physicians that treat POTS (under the physician tab of this web site). A good specialist may be able to prescribe medication that can help you. 

I know of several students that had to delay college for a year or so due to POTS. All of them were able to finish their degree. I wish you the best and don't despair. You are not alone and on this forum we are all going through similar things. 


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