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Recently I have noticed when I am washing my hands the palm of my hands and more so the Pinky and ring finger become blue. But it does not cover my entire hand.  My hand is a deeper blue starting from under the thumb joint located in the palm of my and and curves to miss the pointer and middle finger.   And it is more prominent in my right hand then my left.  This only happens when I am standing at the sink washing my hands. It does not occur when I am in the shower or tub and my feet are not affected.  I do not feel cold on any part of my body or extremities.  Afterni am done washing my hands it will last a max of five minutes. I have chamges the position in which I wash my hands thinking that I'm cutting off a major artery. No matter how I position my hands and arms it persists. I don't feel any different. Meaning I don't feel dizzy or short of breath or anything like that. I feel fine.  Obviously there is an underlying condition and it is not Raynauds?hh

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