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Chronic moving pain

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I suffer from cluster headaches and also migraines. Botox helped, however it took over a year to see results.

Now the pain moves. 

I can get rid of a headache then suffer joint/bone pain. A feeling of like my bones are breaking when I walk, burning when I lay down. 

This can then shift to jaw and facial pain.

I use psychotherapy methods and meditation along with pain medication. 

For 4 years now my pain barely drops below a 5/10 and mostly living with 8/10. 

Other issues are abdominal attacks, UTIs, angina attacks. Crushing pain and sudden chest pains. Weight loss 35kg very quickly. 

Anyone else ? 

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I'm so sorry to hear you're experiencing such pain! My heart goes out to you.

I have frequent body pains which I would classify as chronic because they are so frequent, particularly in my back, abdomen, chest, and legs. 

Sadly I don't have much advice, because I tend to just use heat packs and rest, and take pain killers when the pain is severe enough for me to not be able to focus. Generally, I'll always have two or three places aching or hurting at once, but I've gotten so used to it, and when the pain is below a 5/10, I tune out as best as I can. But when it's worse, pain wise, that is obviously much harder to do! 

Do you have a good doctor? 

I'm not an expert but I think a rheumatologist would be a good doctor to see, if you've not already. 

Sending well wishes! 

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Have you had bloodwork? Have they checked your ANA specifically? These symptoms are common with several autoimmune diseases. Headaches, joint pain, facial pain can be lupus, but there are others. Autoimmune disease is common with dysautonomia, but it doesn't mean that is necessarily what is going on. I would start there and let them rule that out.

Hope you feel better soon.

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