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Can’t move body, adrenaline

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Hey everyone,

All of a sudden my adrenaline rushes have got worse again. I haven’t changed meds or anything. Then I’ve started feeling like I just can’t get my body to move, talk and sometimes breathe although I can still technically force myself to do these things. It’s really hard to do anything and is adding to my normal fatigue.

I’m confused what this feeling like I can’t move thing is since the first couple years with pots I didn’t have this at all even when I was really ill then. 
I feel like it’s linked to the increased adrenaline I’ve been having lately but still don’t know why it gets worse randomly.

i just want to be able to function at least a little! 

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@Clueingforlooks - sorry for the delayed response.  In times that my adrenaline dumps and the hyperadrenergic symptoms exaggerate I avoid stimulation or exercise, I rest and drink plenty of fluids ( in my case I get extra IV fluids, since I have a port and can do it at home myself ). The more you force yourself to function the worse the resulting fatigue will be and the worse the adrenaline rushes will be. 

I take a lot of medications that help with the rushes as well and recently I started Wellbutrin, which is very effective in helping to keep me from having these adrenergic surges.  Be well!

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I seem to have some sort of dystrophy that comes in in “bouts.” I have two distinct symptoms that can strike separately or together. The first is on overall neuromuscular weakness - not weakness such as I can’t do the neurological resistance test but it’s sooo difficult and just a little activity makes me tired and sore. 
The second is a kind is slow motion seizure where various muscle groups tense up. I can focus and use mindfulness to focus on a muscle group and get it to relax but no sooner do I get it to release, another muscle group tightened up. 
Sometimes it is difficult to describe what is happening and I need to observe symptoms so I can accurately report them. 
As with most weird symptoms, I inevitably find another patients account of something similar.

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