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Blood Pooling/Dependent Acrocyanosis with pics

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25-30 min after eating I got up to look for something in my dresser drawer. After finding what I needed I looked down and realized my knees were abnormally more red than usual. I turned on the hallway light and was shocked at what I saw. My entire leg and lower calf was engulfed in red and white splotches. Now I am used to a little blood pooling around my knees. However this was something I've never experienced before. It almost looked liked a severe allergic reaction which I almost thought it was at first. I called my mom up to see and she freaked out. Anyways I quickly went back and laid on my bed and within a couple seconds my legs went pale so now I know it was blood pooling. 

Just a couple of days ago I noticed less blood pooling around my knees which made me happy as I was improving. So for this to happen so suddenly was discouraging. Naturally trying to be the detective I am, I think that in combination with getting up quickly right after eating caused me to have exaggerated pooling in my legs as blood was already pooling to digest the food. I took a quercetin with bromelain supplement which has anti-coagulating effects so I wonder if that could have caused the blood to pool so suddenly. I've been taking high amounts of fish oil daily as well which is also known to have blood thinning effects. Could this have made my blood too thin? I know if it sounds far fetched I'm just trying to rationalize what happened here. 

Anyways here are some pictures that I tried to take. I couldn't get the lighting right and the colors were much more exaggerated in person compared to what it looks like in the photos. I believe this is called dependant acrocyanosis.IMG_20200106_181536.thumb.jpg.913678346c0a2343b7a269b4065cc046.jpg



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