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Anyone want to share their personal music or art?

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12 hours ago, Derek1987 said:

By the way, nice cover. I cant sing.

Thank you. I like your cover, nice to hear some electric guitars as I only play acoustic. 


12 minutes ago, Pistol said:

@CallieAndToby22, @Derek1987 - thanks for sharing! Very impressive! I can sing but cannot play anything. I do write poetry though. If I can dig up some stuff I may post it here. 

You should definitely share your poetry. Art is therapy. 

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On 12/28/2019 at 3:17 AM, CallieAndToby22 said:

Here's a version of Silent Night I recorded the day after Christmas, lol. 

Also recently I entered a fine arts contest locally at university and my photograph was accepted. 


Aw. This is beautiful. Takes me back to memories. Sniff sniff*

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1 hour ago, Pistol said:

@flowntheloop -beautiful - you are so very talented! 

@PistolThanks! I haven't had a lot of energy this year for creating, but I hope I can get back in good health so I can enjoy it again.

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12 hours ago, CallieAndToby22 said:

Really great! I love the first one! 

Thank you! That one actually glows in the dark and under a black light :D I gave it to a dear friend a couple of years ago.

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Hello just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday! I do this group online just for fun and we get photo assignments so they wanted eggs in black and white. The eggs are from my late grandfather's navy travels, antiques hand painted eggs from Japan. Then my favorite candy. 



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On 5/11/2021 at 9:56 PM, Ashc said:


Have you tried painting on clothes or bags and maybe sell some merch?

I have an etsy shop but what sells the most are vintage clothes. I haven't listed anything recently. I can't paint actually my mother is a painter but she's very busy. I have a friend who paints rocks and they sell like crazy on etsy. 

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