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The post pictures of your pets thread

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The first cat is named Storm and is spoiled. Then i have a kitten named Noah. We have not gotten him inside yet.(Storm loves to go outside and play with him) Need to get him fixed first. They both came from the neighborhood. Noah is sitting inside his cat house. I insulated it and put a heating pad in there that stays on 24/7. I put a plastic flap on the front to keep rain and wind out since this picture was taken. 








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Very cute !Lovely home you have made .  Our cat was a stray whom adopted us 15 years ago . She use to be very much an out door cat but now she is getting on about 17 years old she is mainly indoors and is defiantly the boss , very clever at manipulating us to her every whim ! 

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3 minutes ago, Ashc said:

That look! 😆I wonder he's thinking.

He was handing me his paw and hoping I would give him a treat :D Or do you mean her looking at him funny?

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