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Changing My UserName!!


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In lieu of the birth of our new baby, Alexander, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am changing my username to "2boysmama". I thought that "ethanandalexsmom" was a little too long, LOL ;) Just wanted to pass that along so my posts will be recognized, especially since I haven't been able to post much lately.

P.S. Is there a way to do this without creating a whole new account???

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jessica -

you're so sweet...don't want alex to feel left out i suppose ;)

i think the only way to make the change though is to set up a new account, but don't take my word on it...nina &/or michelle will know for certain.

thanks for letting us know though...that way we won't worry that you've disappeared on us!

have you had any chance at all to get some help &/or rest for yourself?

hoping you have or will soon,


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Nope, I can edit everything EXCEPT your user name, other than to delete your entire registration. There's nothing wrong with creating a new registration.


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Dear Jessica,

What if you have yet another baby? What if it is a girl? You could end up being momto2boysand1girl, or momtothree or even mommommom?

Sometimes I have this weird sense of humor that just pops out and takes over. We will love you no matter what you call yourself! Your user name reminds us that in spite of POTS you are doing an important job.

Hugs to all 3 of you.

Michigan Jan

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In my busy day to day life with these two guys I forgot to look at the responses to this post a few weeks ago! I would love to be able to go ahead and change my name without re-registering if it ispossible, Michelle. Please let me know (or just go ahead and change it!!). Thanks bunches!!

P.S. I think "2boysmama" will work fine...there are no plans in the works to add more :)

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