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Always feeling cold.

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I live in a warm climate, but am almost always feeling cold.

Unless we are having a heat wave, I will be feeling very chilly and need to wear a cardigan. It is 25 degrees Celsius today (around 77 F) and I am shivering, which I know sounds silly, because that temperature is simply not cold. People often comment on how rugged up I get, and it seems I am extremely sensitive to any cold breezes etc. I do get hot flashes often, but they pass after perhaps 30 seconds or so, and then I go back to feeling freezing. 

Do many other folks have this occur?

I know temperature regulation issues are a part of Dysautonomia. Wondering if anyone has any tips other than to rug up?

As mentioned, the only days that I don't feel cold are when it is quite literally a heatwave, and then the heat negatively affects me too and makes my other symptoms worse. 

At least a positive is, I've been really enjoying crocheting shawls, so I have plenty of those to keep me warm! 😂


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@Scout yes, I too am always cold, even if everyone else in the room is hot. In my case it is supposedly due to excessive vasoconstriction, and yes - I too get bad when it is too warm for my delicate temperature tolerance ( 72 - 78 degree F ) … I always have a large wrap-around shawl with me that I can put on and take off easily, even in the summer.  How nice that you can make your own!!!! 

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