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POTS on the holidays


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Well - it is that time of the year and I can already see the stress building up to a flare. So I just wanted to remind everyone to remember our limits when dealing with the many challenges of celebrating.  For me it is the following:

- being active, cooking, talking, eating - these are all triggers for me. Making sure to be able to retreat and rest at ANY time has been a necessity for me. 

- remembering to drink fluids is difficult when being busy, so I ask people to remind me throughout the day. 

- eating a large meal will definitely trigger an episode, so I pick on food all day long and keep my plate small. 

- getting together with family and friends can be extremely stressful - if around people that are not familiar with my limitations I (or my husband) explain in advance that if I excuse myself it is not because of rudeness but rather to be able to continue the day.

- sometimes we may have to pick and choose what we can do, i.e. "Can I make that pie AND eat it?" I had to bake 2 pies yesterday as my contribution to the gathering and promptly passed out. Sorry to say but thankfully my family is traveling to get together with my husbands family and I stay at home ( since I do not travel well). So I get to recuperate. Otherwise I would not have been able to bake anything. 

- In the end what matters is to remember what we have to be thankful for. Despite the challenges we face every day there is so much to enjoy, look forward to and celebrate. 



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Great new video just posted by Lauren - Chronic Corner on YouTube covers travelling with POTS and other chronic illnesses.  She offers her tips and also shares tips sent in by members and followers of DINET.  Worth watching.  Also, check out the article written by DINET's VP, Chelsea Goldstein , 



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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am not quite sure how it will turn out but I have been making food and freezing it ahead. Though the last two years I tried to do it all in one day. Yes I ended up laid out in a chair with horrible pain in my chest. So I have mashed potatoes already made and frozen and pie crust is made. I’ve worked hard to clean up kitchen and clear off table etc. ahead of time. I don’t trust my body to be able to do the continuous amount of activity required to prepare a large meal and clear and set table and clean up house all in a woop. So I am piecing it out. 

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