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Hey guys so I have noticed that my gag reflex is almost non-existent now. I can literally stick my finger down my throat and even touch the end of my throat without gagging or the reflex muscles kicking in. This is particularly concerning because throughout my life I've always had a strong gag reflex. If I were brushing my teeth I wouldn't be able to go past my uvula let alone go touch my tonsils without going into a gagging fit and wanting to throw up.

I've done some research on why this is and the most likely reason is that I have some sort of damage or dysfunction to either my glossopharyngeal nerve or my vagus nerve. I suspect there is something wrong with my vagus nerve as I have much more of it's symptoms being dysfunctional rather than the glossopharyngeal nerve. They are located so close together that it could be both however. This could also be a result of Cranio Cervical Instability that I'm also closely looking at as it can also impair gag reflex.

For a long time now I have suspected that many of us have some sort of dysfunction with our vagus nerves as if you look up "vagus nerve problems" it's striking how many of the symptoms line up with ours. The vagus nerve is also essential for our parasympathetic nervous system to perform and work as if it is impaired in some way our sympathetic will dominate not allowing us to calm down. I think we are all familiar with that.

So my question for all of you is - does your gag reflex work well? Have you ever lost it or does it work perfectly fine? If you don't know I would very much appreciate if you could check it with a cotton swab or something hygienic like that. Don't do it when you are in a flare as I don't want to make anyone feel worse. 

Your replies and contributions to this would be very much appreciated as I am extremely curious to what you find.

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I wish I had a non-existent one.   The roof of my mouth, especially towards the back, around the upper rear teeth, and anything prodding around the base of my tongue will cause a very strong gag reflex in me.   Had a lot of fun a the Dentist's office this year that's reminded me just how strongly mine works. 

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@bunny - last year I needed an impression of my teeth for a mouth guard. I gagged so hard it sent me into a seizure followed by a full-blown POTS flare for the rest of the week!!!!

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