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28, Male, 5, 11", 18 Stone, (Xanax 2mg, Dozazosin 1mg, Escotalipram 20mg) Smoker. 

£7,000 and a many years later, I have something on paper, but no diagnoses as such, I pass (by this i mean i fail/seem to have) the adrenaline fatigue questionnaires but that's not recognised by anyone I have been to as a diagnoses. 

I am writing because I am in an extreme burn out, "Wired and then Tired". This burn out however is longer, it's been 25 days, where i usually been up normal hours one day (stimulated) then crashed the next. This month however I'm struggling to have one day awake, in bed 16 hours, up 8, shaky, stimulated, etc. 

'Plasma adrenaline rose to 568 above the range of 0-459. 

24 hr BP/HR the autonomic profiles mean daytime DP was 133/92 and HR 88, WITHOUT NOCTURNAL FALL (this is the key bit). The DP was elevated at times when he was polyspmptomatic with the highest being 162.101 when standing, with symptoms of perspiring and tremor." 

 I've had MRIs, CTs, Endos, Neuros, thousands of public treatment as well, tried 25 medications, even been to Kings College and St Marys the two most famous hospitals in London, yes they said I was ill, but couldn't find any cause. No it's not thyroid, had CT's and 20 pages of bloods. 

Have you experienced a fatigue crash in bed every day like this? it springs back a lot quicker than 25 days... 

(This happened BEFORE tablets, but two weeks ago i've been given Doxazosin as recommendation from the above to lower adrenaline, oh and Xanax on going to crash when i am too stimulated.)


Many Thanks in advance. 


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I don't have it that bad, but I took Melatonin to help me sleep. Didn't help me sleep but it helped the shaky, sweaty, feeling like my whole body is vibrating and I'm going to jump out of my skin but I'm too exhausted to deal with it all feeling. Dumb luck it seems to help and I don't know how long it will last.

Hope you find something. 

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17 hours ago, WreckingHotelRooms said:

Yes i've tried Clonidine, it actually added to my stimulation, to no ones understanding, it's what St.Marys suggested London 

Did you try the patch or the pills?
For me the pills were not great, I would first feel very good and energetic and then burn out/have the meds wear off and feel awful. I think it is because the pills do not provide a very stable level of the medicine in your blood.

But the patch worked great

Are your symptoms triggered by certain things? It took me a while to realize that certain types of TV, music, watching sports etc were actually causing problems. Maybe some of these things are excessively activating your sympathetic nervous system and leading to issues

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Pills, they made me stimulated which is the exact thing I was trying to lower. 

Doxazosin is the best thing i've found and it's still not doing it. 


I am triggered by ANYTHING, most the time i just wake up stimulated, big eyes etc, which makes sense as the line "no nocturnal fall" which i was told was very unusual. My adrenaline is over the range too, but i mean, all of that would trigger me if i wasn't already "wired".. if i'm shattered / tired, even changing room can flip the switch. 

What are you or are you diagnosed with anything btw? 

Edit: even writing this my eyes have dilated and i feel it..

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Maybe, but it's really not something i wanna touch again, i was in an andernegic state, i had to take benzo's to get me down again, my doctor wants me to avoid it too, so no chance of getting a patch. 

Oh I had to read up there on MCAS, first time i've heard of it.

Interesting that I am having a lgA, Cortisol (Spit) DHEA (spit) test this week. IgA from my quick reading seems related to MCAS. 

Yeah i've had two Tilt Table tests, both were negative however my Adrenaline rose but my heart did not. My adrenaline rose to a lot of things though. 



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