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job advice please


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sorry i need your advice again.Well i am back at work for four hours a week and im struggling.

I work in a DIY shop on the checkouts and its so stressful.

Im in alot of pain with my wrists and hips and i also feel so ill and then i lose my coordination, get shaky,start twitching and my concentration goes.Thats only after two hours work.I just cant handle it.

I told my boss i can not lift things but then people keep asking me to lift things luckily ive got out of it but im to scared to say that i cant lift because people can be funny with you and i dont want to be thought of as lazy.

I think people are sarting to think im stupid because my mind goes whoosy and i talk a load of rubbish and cant remember much.Im struggling help.

I thought i could handle it,but i guess being at home is alot different from working.

sorry for the rambling maybe im just abit sensitive as i cant ahndle customers moaning at me when i feel ill.

hope this makes sense.

take care everyone hope your all doing ok.

h x.

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hayley -

you're right that being home is A LOT different than working. even part time. i'm trying hard to make myself get out & about as much as possible...the library, stores, etc...before i start school in a few weeks in order to not dive into it all at once.

i don't have any wonderful answers for you but - as hard as it is - you have to do what you need to do to take care of yourself, including asserting yourself with others about what you can & cannot do. i know this is super uncomfortable - one thing with my using a wheelchair now some is that i don't have to explain my squatting down on a floor all of a sudden, an unexpected advantage - but you have to do what you have to do and if your boss is okay with it then perhaps you should practice something short & sweet to say so you're ready when it needs to be said. or - i don't know how many people you work with - but perhaps saying something to people before the situation comes up is an option? then the awkwardness is eliminated for all when there is actual work that has to be done.

in the end you may find that there's a better job for you out there...lots of jobs don't require lifting so you wouldn't have to deal with that issue. again, i know this is easier said than done, but it's something worth thinking about for the long haul.

good to hear from you & hope you're able to work things out work-wise. i commend your making the effort.

hang in there,


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H, I never knew you were in a DIY store...I thought you worked in customer service before? I'd try and find an office environment, babes...working in a DIY place is the most unPOTS friendly environment I can think of- lifting things, reaching up, hard surfaces, concrete floors....I know I wouldn't be able to handle it. But then this is just my opinion.

do you think maybe an admin type job may be a bit better?

Haven't had any texts from you in a while-hope you're doing all right.

Keep in touch

K x x

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hey thanks for replying.

I agree i do need to be more assertive but i hate making a fuss about anything i would just prefer to blend into the background.

im going to see my boss today to have a chat.

Persephone, I was working in customer service at a DIY store but then changed to the checkout.Thinking it would be less stressful but i was wrong.

I did office work ages ago and it put me off for life i hate it.Plus my concentration is rubbish.

sorry i havent been in contact ive been trying to get on with things the best i can.

I have signed up to do a embroidery course for 3 1/2 hours a week as that is something i love doing.Ideally i would love to work from home making handmade crafts as i can have breaks when i want and do things at my own pace.

One day my dream will come true.But for now i have a job to sort out.

bye take care.


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Hi Hayley,

Firstly, can I say thanks and a big hug for all your replies to my posts, especially recently when i went through a bad POTS spell.

I really feel for you in the work situation and know where you are coing from. I could not do your job either, and i think that your best bet is to seek something different. I know that you do not like the office environment, but I was wondering if something like working in a travel agent, as a supposition, would be good for you. Sorry it is not much of a suggestion, but i figured that maybe if you could find something for a few hours to get you by, while you are learning your arts and crafts that this would help you out, and then it would be great if the ebroidery took off and you could do this as a job.

I am at a lost for something that I can manage to do as well. I think that i am going to hve to find something that i can manage from home, but i think that I also need to join a club or something, because I do not want to become a total recluse. I am so cut off right now, that i need to get out and meet people.

sorry it is not much of an answer, but please know that i am thinking of you, and hope that things will soons work out better.




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I have a couple of thoughts. Based on the fact that you are working four hours a week, are you working for supplemental income or to get out of the house? If you are working for money, definitely start looking for a much lower physically demanding job. Going to a store can be strenuous, needless to say working in one!! If you are wanting to get income I would go to a vocational rehab facility and see if they might could help. They specialize in helping people with disabilitites get jobs. Or just your regular employment agency can help- the ADA was established to help people just like us who desire to work. If you don't need or want compensation, volunteer work is wonderful. It gets you out of the house, gets you in contact with other people, helps others while helping you think about other stuff for a while. You can volunterr for as much or little as you feel like (as long as you let the agency know in advance how much you think you can reasonably do). I have been a strong volunteer in our church and it has turned into the highlight of my week. I stay at home with my two kids and cannot work do to my disabilities. Getting out and involved if only for an hour a week has made a huge impact in how I feel about myself. Good luck!


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thankyou for replying.

I spoke to my boss and said that im struggling and he said i can have breaks instead of working right through the full four hours.Im also changing the day that i was working so that my boss cant keep an eye on me.

I am on income support so i can only earn ?20 a week. i am not working for the money.I went back to work to feel like i had a purpose and was doing something.I was going to do volunteer work but thought i may aswell earn ?20 a week doing four hours.

i cannot manage to do anymore than this as i am already struggling due to feeling ill all the time and in constatnt pain with EDs.

I wanted to go back to work as my boss is so supportive and ive never had a nice boss before so i thought that it would be easier to go back there rather than find another job.

Maybe i should have gone down the volunteer route first.

I also need to stnad up for myself when people ask me to lift things and i cant.

Any advice on what to say.

h x

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Hey H, do you know what I think you'd be great at? I think you would be great working with people who have a disability. I go to a group for people with disabilities and it's the volunteers who make all the difference. There are peopple our age- i.e earliy 20s and they've started doing NVQs through it and stuff. I think it would really lift you, and I just know you would love it. You'd be really good with people because you know how it feels to be on the receiving end as someone with a disability yourself.

I'm starting to think this way too- that I would like to help people with disabilities when I'm better.

We'll have to have a proper chat soon.

It's great that you've made a start and gone back though- that's surely the hardest step of all....

Take care love, speak soon

K x x

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