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NONI juice


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Guest tearose

I tried it out of respect for my dear girlfriend who sells it. I tried it with hope and an open mind. It didn't make a difference in my pots however maybe it will help you. If you are looking for some excellent antioxidant drink, this may be your drink. I read up on the ingredients in Noni and also felt I would do just as well drinking blueberry and purple grape juice. Noni was about $36 a bottle. Blueberry and grape are much less. Hey, if it works, the cost is not an issue anyway. If you try it for a time let me know what your experience is. Regards, tearose

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My 20 yo daughter was recently diagnosed with POTS, probably caused by her Chiari malformation, and the two decompression surguries she underwent. She is doing much better now she has a few coping mechanisms suggested by her doctors (lots of gatorade).

A friend of mine suggested that she tries Noni juice. My friend also happens to be a distributor of the stuff. I read the testimonials that are available online, and it sounds like Noni juice can cure everything except possibly death. Most of the actual research concentrates on the antioxidant qualities. From the lack of interest on this forum it sounds like there is little if any help for POTS patients, but I ordered a couple of bottles of it anyway.

I'm wondering if anyone on this forum have tried Noni juice, and if they believe there is any benefit in doing so. If so, were any possible results dramatic, or simply marginal? I would appreciate any information.

Thank you,

Steve Wiora

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I tried Noni Juice years ago along with lots of other alternative treatments I was doing at the time. I cant say it did much...

I am always cautious of supplements when they seem to good to be true.....

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