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Hyper POTS and possible adult ADHD, anyone?

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Hello all! I have been living (and coping pretty well) with hyper POTS since the end of 2010. I’m still on a low dose beta blocker as well as Zoloft, which both really seem to help, along with high salt and lots of fluids.  

The thing is, I have recently, through therapy, etc, been realizing that I may have high functioning adult ADHD. Does anyone else share this dual diagnosis? It is my understanding the ADD stems from a lack of dopamine and norepinephrine, but then I am wondering about medications for ADHD (typically stimulants) adversely affecting the POTS since mine is the hyper form. 

Just curious if anyone is currently dealing with both? 


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Hello @cmreber, yes, I have hyperPOTS and ADD. I had two neuropsychological evaluation for brain fog and attention problems from POTS and they diagnose adult ADD. I have problems with concentration and memory, I get overwhelmed easily if I do more than one thing at a time. I was not always like that but since onset of POTS it is really bad. I take escitalopram ( SSRI ) and Ritalin for ADD. It really helps with the ability to concentrate and with fatigue/ low energy. I have no bad effects from it at all and it does not affect my HR or BP at all. 

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@Pistol, thanks so much for the input! When I was young, the diagnosis had been thrown around, but nothing ever came of it. As I got older, I didn't ever think of it again, until recent therapy work. I have the same, problems with concentration, forgetting things, and being unable to finish large tasks because it is just too overwhelming. Even sorting through the mail sometimes is too much! I thought for a long time it was just me, or perhaps a component of the POTS, but as I've been researching, more and more I truly think it is adult ADHD. I am currently on metoprolol and zoloft (SSRI), similar to you, but it is interesting that the stimulant is actually so helpful for you. It does make sense though, because for me, coffee doesn't make me hyper or upset my hr or bp, it just helps me focus and actually seems to calm my brain some! It's really helpful to know this has been working for you!

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