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Multivitamin recommendations?

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So since being stuck in bed officially a year now, i have finally gotten motivated to eat healthier by restricting my calorie and sugar and carbs intake. Nothing extreme but i know i need to change my eating habits because ive gained 35-40 pounds! 

So im cutting back and watching numbers. With that being said, i dont want to miss out on any nutrients. Do you guys have any multivitamin suggestions? Looking for the gummy kind please. Thanks for any suggestions.

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@Derek1987 - the best way to handle this dilemma I have found is to EXERCISE in what ever way is possible and to change your meals from eating 3 meals a day ( and snacking in-between ) to 6 SNACKS a day.  The Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner routine can still be done - just healthier choices. And in-between do snacks like Almonds, Pistachios, Veggies, Yoghurt, Cheese, Pickles etc … Drinking broth can be very satisfying, give a salt boost and hydrate at the same time. ---- Mostly I would like to recommend getting active and doing exercises. This helped me with weight control, depression and POTS symptoms. ( I know - exercise is the last thing you want but it helps A LOT and there are meds that can help you getting more energy, like Methylphenidate, Modafinil or IV fluids in my case ). 

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