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Cevical Stenosis, MCAS and B12?

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Hello everybody, 

I have been recently reviewing again the info available on B12. I know the topic has been brought up in the forum many times before but I thought I would share some thoughts.

I noticed that there is a medically recorded (in medical journals) relationship between spinal stenosis and B12 deficiency. I wondered if anyone has tried high doses of B12 as recomended by Pocholock RN or Chandy MD and seen some improvement. This doses need to be maintained in a regular schedule for months before seeing recovery but improvement is usually seen after a week of two of treatment....

I wondered how many of our MCAS or Dysautonomia symptoms may be related  or could be improved with B12...

I've observed improvement in my digestive symptoms before, after using B12... but have always discontinued use after a few weeks thinking that the improvement was achieved and I should discontinue its use...

I just thought how many have had diagnoses or symptoms of spinal stenosis and how supplementing with B12 may be of great help.

This video is very informative: https://youtu.be/BvEizypoyO0



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I had blood tests for B vitamins and they were in the normal range. Stenosis, spurs, bad disks, the whole shebang. Still digging to china to figure this out. 

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