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Pulse oximeter

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Hi, @potsiebarbie,

Are you staying stationary the entire time?  Or does the HR go up when you start moving?  (Does this mean it will read 50-something for an hour)?  

1 hour ago, potsiebarbie said:

t will read 50 something for hr

When I first got one of those things last year, I could be sitting down and have a normalish reading but as soon as I got up and started walking, it went up into the 120s.  Your heart rate can actually fluctuate quite a bit according to whatever activity you may be doing, even if it's just very minor activity.  In fact, it can go up significantly even if you're just sitting there and something startles or scares you, or if you're reading or thinking about something and it makes you anxious.  And it can come down just as quickly as it went up.  I'm not sure if that is what's happening with you, but that has definitely been my experience!

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Pulse oximeters, when they work, are very accurate, but that being said they are super finicky. Like others mentioned, they can be affected by any sort of movement, but also cold body temperature, hypotension, anemia, etc can cause inaccuracy as well. I usually warm my hand up first and then take a reading staying as still as possible or resting my hand on something so it doesn’t move/shake. Are you getting symptoms when these readings are taking place?

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Sometimes mine will seem to read double what my heart is doing. I think what is happening is when my Autonomic Nervous System constricts the smooth muscles of my artery walls causing Prinzmetals angina, it creates such large "T" waves that the meter will read both the "R" wave and the "T" wave of every beat, therefore counting one as two. 

Here is one of my ECGs demonstrating this.


Pre ablation T wave dagbbdjnmkdgkoei.jpg

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