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We have no name for it but I've been diagnosed. Look in my history if you are feeling stimulated, i've had a couple of members here share similar stories. 

Finally after 4 years of 'extreme stimulation of my Nervous System' I finally failed a test. 


(Some) Symptoms: 

Not sleeping for days

Sweating heavily

Tremors (Shakes)

Dilated Eyes

Feeling Stimulated

I knew it felt like adrenaline but 24 hour catecholamines or a Tilt never showed anything...

What did then? 

A TILT TABLE Test WITH Catecholamines done twice with 45 minutes rest in-between. Even though I had done both these tests separately, it wasn't until they were combined. 

I'm sure we know what Catecholamines are here but;

"Catecholamines are hormones made by your adrenal glands, which are located on top of your kidneys. Examples include dopamine; norepinephrine; and epinephrine (this used to be called adrenalin or adrenaline)" 

So basically mine showed my adrenaline was over the rage. For me lowering adrenaline and curing my depression might be the road to recovery. Also it shows after spending thousands and thousands, the doctors might be over looking something, for instance not measuring Catecholamines with a Tilt in my case was huge waste of money and showed nothing. 

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