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I'm not exactly sure I have a dysautonomic condition. I think I may have damaged my vagus nerve in a fall. My voice gets horse by the afternoon but have hay fever (the doc thinks post nasal drip is causing that) and have stomach problems (reflux). I am often dizzy and my doc thinks I briefly pass out resulting in some of my falls. I do have degenerative disk disease and  spinal stenosis and took a serious fall in the military. My balance has slowly, constantly deteriorated until now I can barely walk with a cane and need to grab anything while walking to steady myself. I do see a DO regularly and do blood  panels yearly. I have had numerous MRIs and x-rays, seen many neurologists, and had sonograms, EKGs, and heart echoes. Nothing. My condition constantly worsens. The only thing I have been told is cerebral dysfunction. Uh...yeah. Ideas? Or anybody else have these symptoms?

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Welcome, I am sorry you are dealing with this. 

From what you describe, an autonomic disorder is possible. When you say dizziness, do you mean lightheadedness (feeling close to passing out) or vertigo (like you or the surroundings are spinning?)

Does your blood pressure or heart rate change significantly going from lying or sitting to standing?

Any other neurological symptoms like tremor, swallowing or bladder/bowel problems?

B xxx

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