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Rash all over

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I have had an itchy rash since Christmas. It gets better with prednisone, then I stop the med and it comes back. I can't figure out what is happening. It flared up massively yesterday. NOTHING changed. I literally only ate leftovers and iced tea from the same container. No new soaps, meds, fragrances, nothing. I'm starting to wonder what Mast Cell Activation Syndrome is like and how you can tell if you have it. I have an autoimmune disease so I already know my immune system is whacky. 

Any thoughts or advice? I'm losing my mind and I have comandeeered a spaghetti spoon with all the plastic fingers as my new back scratcher. 

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@KiminOrlando - I know several people that have skin rashes caused by autoimmune disease. Could it be a new symptoms of your AI? -- MCAS gets tested by blood work and urine samples, I was tested by my ENT/ allergist. Maybe you could get tested for that? They can also do simple allergy testing - you could be allergic to something you are not even aware of. My daughter has multiple allergies, including an allergy to a fungus that exists on our skin!!!! We can develop allergies at any age and suddenly. My husband developed a sudden allergy to shell fish in his 40's. Never had it before. So there are many explanations for the rash - I would look into all of them! --- When my husband is exposed to shellfish he gets hives over his entire body - he essentially IS a giant hive! And it is itchy. I used to run him a warm bath and dumped half a container of oatmeal in the water and he soaked in that. It always relieved the itch - maybe an oatmeal bath could soothe your rash a bit? I hope they get to the bottom of this soon - it is a long time to suffer from a rash!!!!!

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The rash is everywhere. I went to my pcp and they put me on steroids. It got better, but the steroid pack ends today and I am already itching again. She referred me to an Allergy and Immunology doc, but their first appointment is September 3rd. 

My best guess is that I am allergic to my IV biologic the Oncologist gives me for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I see the Rheumatologist who prescribed it next week. This is topic #1 on my list for him. I think I am going to call the Oncologist today and see if they believe it is a reaction since they administer the med. They may have seen this in other people.

They still want me to see the Immunologist to rule out mast cell type stuff.

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