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Is this syncope symptoms?


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For the past few hours my anxiety has been really bad. My hands have been a bit sweaty and also have gone cold. I have a weird feeling in my gut. I feel slightly dizzy at times. Or maybe it's the anxiety? My fingertips are tingling. 

Theres times where I feel bad then there's times like this where I feel scared. I just feel like I'm malfunctioning. 


My BP is good. My heart rate is high 50s low 60s. Yesterday it was consistently in the 80s. It always changes.

I'm just trying to figure out if that's the right time to take midodrine. My BP is fine but my adrenaline is obviously high. I just went over my Xanax daily dosage by half a pill. I was trying not to take any and definitely not go over my daily dosage.

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@Derek1987 - I have hyperPOTS and did not do well with Midodrine. In my case it definitely would make my symptoms worse if I took it in a hyperadrenergic flare. What symptoms did your doctor prescribe it for? I would clarify this with your doctor. It is difficult to say if your symptoms are from POTS or anxiety, they can mimick each other. Since you have a diagnosis of anxiety it is possible that you should check with your psychiatrist to see what else you could take. Also - if what you are prescribed to take is not working and the anxiety is uncontrollable you can go to the ER - they can give you something to ease the symptoms and since it is the weekend and you already took more than your daily dose of Xanax the ER is probably your best choice. Don't feel that you have to endure - anxiety ( whether from POTS or not ) is real and should be treated right away. 

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