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Is this a POTS headache?

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Might be stress or sinus also, I don't know your location but we have had rain and rain and rain for almost two months and everything is blooming like mad--great weather for plants but not so much for those of us with seasonal allergies. If the aspirins stop working talk to your neuro. 


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Headaches have been a pretty constant companion for me also since POTS :(

I am glad you found something that works. I have to say I have not tried aspirin, as it has a bit of a bad rap, but I may just do so. 

Codeine was also effective for me, but now I am off licorice root and have low/normal BP, I can no longer tolerate it as I have to lie flat if I take it. Lying down usually relieves my headache anyway so I may as well just lie down & skip the constipation ;)

B xxx


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