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Free Light Chains

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Went to the Oncologist today for my IV biologic that I take for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. He went over my blood work. My Free Light Chains were already elevated, but they have now doubled. The ratio is still ok, but he doesn't like it. Also my IgG is way elevated. He wants to do a bone marrow biopsy because he believes something isn't right, more than my RA. I had a lymph node biopsy of my right axillary lymph node in March of last year due to enlargement and pain. It came back clear, so by exclusion, they diagnosed me with lymphadenopathy. Now they are second guessing that.

Anybody having these problems too? They still play around with my diagnosis. It is 'some type of dysautonomia'. It has been Pure Autonomic Failure, then not. Then they suspected EDS3, still not sure. Also suspect TTR Amyloidosis, but can't find proof. Honestly, they wouldn't be surprised to find out that I have some type of autoimmune dysautonomia that doesn't have a name yet. 

The meds I am on for RA suppress my immune system, so cancer has also been suspected to a degree. These types of blood test results always start a small panic.

Does anybody else have high Free Light Chain numbers but ok ratios? What is your diagnosis? Do you also have elevated IgG?

Frustrated and tired of being everybody's lab rat. Trying to remember to be grateful people are doing their best to help me. Not everyone is as lucky. It took years to get someone to take me seriously. 

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