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Relief from night attacks ?

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I just have to share my journey in case it will help anyone who suffers from these awful and terrifying attacks. When my pots first started after about 2 months I would start waking up with a racing heart. Every night for about 4-6 months no matter what I did after a few hours of sleeping I would wake up with my heart racing, anywhere from 140-160 and my palms and feet. clammy, dreadful fear and anxiety. At the end of the attacks the shakes would start and I knew it was finally coming to an end. Beta blockers didn’t help, ssri didn’t help. After about 6 months the attacks became less and less. The only thing that changed was starting clonazepam prn during the day.  Now it seems my attacks at night are now brought on by anxiety. I only have them when I’m alone (husband is gone). He is gone for the military and at first my attacks were coming back. I gave in and started taking my clonazepam at bedtime (I had only been using it as needed) and I haven’t had an attack once even though I’m alone! 

I honestly think the clonazepam helps calm my nervous system and prevents the norepinephrine dumping. If you are suffering with these awful attacks this is worth looking into! I remember when this all started and how desperate I was for relief. I must have went to the ER 20x and called 911 countless times thinking I was dying. I’m not saying this is the answer for everyone but even if i help 1 person with this I’m happy. This illness is AWFUL  

That is all :)

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@Jessica_ thank you for sharing your experience, I am glad you found some relief. Yes - these night time attacks are scary and especially when you are alone it will cause panic, I am sure. Have you tried a medical alert system in the house? Due to syncope and seizures my insurance provided me with one and if I am alone and something happens I can push a button and someone checks on me right away. They will talk to me, call my neighbor to check on me or call 911 if I do not answer or need an ambulance.  It might assure you to have this service if you have symptoms. --- Hang in there!

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Thanks guys! @Pistol @bombsh3ll I have been thinking about getting a therapy dog but they are very expensive is what I have found so far. I will definitely look into the alert button, that is a good idea. I HATE being alone and yet I’m forced because of military life. It has been very challenging but so far since taking the clonazepam at night I haven’t had an attack in almost 3 weeks *knock on wood* 

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22 hours ago, Tenacity said:

I find that my own attacks decrease if I eat enough food

I just wish food would eat itself since this illness started ;), but I try. 

What I've realized about some, but not all of these episodes for me, is that they do not directly wake me up from sleep. I wake spontaneously, quite often from various dreams in which I am still healthy, walking around, doing normal things, then after a few seconds become aware that's not the case, & that's when the distress & pounding heart etc kick in. 

I've never been a good sleeper since I was a child though. 

B xxx 

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