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My test results

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Hope everyone is less symptomatic and in no pain (physically and mentally).

After my EKG, Echocardiogram and 48 hours Holter monitor, it is written in the report (PSC, PVC, SVT and RBBB), but my cardiologist told me not to worry since they are not persistent.  My question is should I get a second opinion since I experience palpations many times a day?

Thanks in advance for your replies. 

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dear @Heartbroken - the extra beats and the RBBB are usually considered harmless. SVT can cause more serious symptoms if experienced over long periods of time or frequently and usually requires a referral to an EP specialist. If you are not sure I would request a second opinion from an EP - if the same conclusion is reached you can rest assured that all is safe. Best wishes!!!!!

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If it is any consolation I get all of the above except for RBBB (which is also usually benign) and am plagued by frequent palpitations. It can be very uncomfortable but my heart is structurally normal & I'm still here nearly 5 years on. 

I'm assuming you've had the basic blood tests, full blood count, electrolytes thyroid etc?

Some people find taking magnesium helpful, I personally didn't for palps but it is a gem for constipation. There is also a supplement called heart calm which some people swear by, but I haven't tried it myself.

B xxx

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I used to have so many pvcs everyday. Some of them would stop me in my tracks they were so strong. Then I read somewhere that Magnesium helps with heart irregularities and now my skipped beats are pretty much gone. Just thought I’d pass this along in case it helps!

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