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My BP been jumping all over the place too. I just started trying to monitor it again. It is still going in the 135/105 range when standing, even on an elevated dose of Lisinopril. I really don't want to have to use Clonidine again as it makes me feel weak, but the BP is 110/75 when sitting. I went two weeks just completely ignoring it. I get tired of all this stuff sometimes. Been having a lot of trouble with my blood sugar dropping, then going up, then dropping again all in the same 3 hours even after it's been hours since I took fast acting insulin. Getting a lot of hot for a few minutes, then cold and putting blanket back on. Then getting hot and restless and taking blanket off only to feel like I'm freezing cold 30 seconds later. Sleep has been terrible since I detoxed from pain meds. It takes me so long to fall asleep and I change sides every 30 minutes all night long. I used to sleep sometimes 12 hours on the same position when I was more comfortable. Pain management had a big blow out with me after I missed an appointment due to having one of the worst months I ever had. I still have 260 pills saved up and am getting by with an occasional dose of 5 mgs of Norco. What worries me is now I'm taking 1000 mgs of Tylenol every 4-5 hour; and while it is helping, it is bound to cause liver issues. I am however glad to no longer be physically dependent on the pain meds. I'm working still and doing it without meds. I've had a few good days where I almost felt like my old self. Then I agreed to go in to work on an off day to cover for a sick employee and 1 hour of work hit me harder than working a 12 hour construction day. I literally thought I was going to die when I had to sit down in the car afterwards and gather my bearings. I agreed to do the work because when the boss called, I was already dressed and ready to go grocery shopping. I did the work and had no energy left afterwards to even go to the store. But then two days later I had a few good work days. It's all up and down.  But I'm drawing the line at fine tuning my BP levels. It's becoming too tedious, I have no medical professionals helping, and I don't what to use Clonidine anymore.  I'm putting the standing BP in God's hands now.  With a 110/75 sitting BP, how much higher on meds can I go to lower the 135/105 standing BP? There isn't very much room there to work with. These conditions are just taxing. Any how, I hope the rest of you all are still hanging in there. 

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