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How to Stay Safe During Syncope Episodes

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I am wondering what tactics people are using to stay safe during syncopal episodes. I have at least one fainting episode a day along with many dizzy, tachycardia spells, and black outs. Currently I have been having a person with me 24/7 to assist but that gets challenging to always have someone scheduled and the loss of independence is wearing on me. Does anyone do other things to remain safe while being alone? Are any of you staying alone or is having a constant caregiver necessary? Looking for everything and anything people are doing! 


Stay strong!  

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@FaithAlways - I used to faint several times a day, including taking seizures. I take the following precautions: 

1) Learn to listen to your body. I used to fall out of chairs without warning and obtained many injuries from syncope because I could not tell it was coming. I have since learned to listen to my body and can tell when a spell comes on, which gives me time to drop to the floor to prevent injuries. 

2 ) Always walk close to a wall so you can lean on it or slide down to the floor when passing out instead of hitting something on the way down. 

3 ) Get up from a sitting position slowly to prevent dizziness and triggering an event. 

4 ) When I am anywhere in public and feel syncope coming on I squat on my heels - this often slows down the onset of the episode and gives me time to ask for help. 

If you learn some counter-maneuvers such as the ones that have helped me you may not need 24/7 supervision. I also have a medical alert system in my house so I just have to push a button if I pass out and get hurt. Best of Luck!!!!

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I pass out almost every day and some days more than 8. I do stay alone but stay in bed most of the time and use my wheelchair with a seatbelt when up. My biggest asset is i keep my service dog with me because she can worn me if I'm not safe and going to pass out.  It took us months to find what works for me to be safe alone and a couple years before my service dog were pretty hard. You can do it though, just have to think outside the box and definitely good to start with small increments of time.  You will get there eventually!

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