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Hello to all of you!

My name is Hannah, but I like to use Handtalk as my online name. Handtalk stems from my knowledge and use of American Sign Language. (My hands 'talk'.)

I recognize many of your names from www.NDRF.org, where I originally started, but my parents have banned from NDRF. Thus, I have come here.

I just got back from meeting with Dr. Fealey at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. For the first time in six years, I have a diagnosis other than I am insane, which has been the opinion of many a doctor throughout my struggles with my diseases. Rather, I have three concrete diagnoses which came from my visit to Mayo Clinic. The first is POTS. Now, my POTS is primarily- and barely- under control with a simple beta-blocker. For this I am glad. My second diagnosis was a bit more of a surprise: PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). Though nothing is physically wrong with my reproductive organs, my testosterone levels are sky-high, a syndrome which was first diagnosed in women with poly-cystic ovaries. The name stuck, but the name does not necessarily mean what it states. Thirdly, I have dysmetabolic syndrome, a syndrome in which I cannot use insulin properly- almost like diabetes. Instead of using glucose or making sugar-complexes (fat) from the glucose, my insulin is unable to do anything with the glucose, so my blood sugar levels are usually high, despite feelings to the contrary.

I must go for now.

Yours truly,


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Welcome to our forum...I do recognize your screen name from years past on the NDRF forum.

I hope you will find support and info here-Nina

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Welcome to the family Hannah! Glad you found us!

I'm happy to hear that Dr. Fealey was able to give you some solid diagnoses from which you can now make a new plan of action. I was just out at Mayo this past April to see Dr. Low (which was very helpful for me, too); Dr. Fealey conducted my sweat test.

Hope you can find encouragement and helpful information on our little forum!

Welcome again!


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hi hannah-

welcome! i like your screenname:-) sorry you have reason to be here, but glad you found the forum. it's full of good info & great people to go along with it. i'm 25 with Autonomic Neuropathy, OI/POTS, & NCS with other accompanying fun diagnoses - related & non-related - as well. i used to post on NDRF (as sunshine) and still pop in occassionally but don't think we've crossed paths there. glad to hear that you had a productive time at mayo. i know that for me having answers is always better than not knowing.

again, welcome!


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