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Brocolli Sprouts

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Has anyone tried broccoli sprouts? 

I have been sprouting them in bulk and preparing them in a way that increases their sulforaphane content.

My POTS symptoms abruptly worsened three days ago. It's very frustrating because 4-7 days ago I was doing better than usual. Now I am worse than usual.

I wonder if broccoli sprouts are responsible for the decline in vigor. I started preparing them for their anti-inflammatory properties. I thought they might make me feel better, not worse.

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Hmmm, I don't know?  I like broccoli sprouts though!  Are you affected by the change in seasons?  I know that affects my daughters greatly!  Especially if it's a high allergy spring.

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lo Dizzygirls,

Yes. Some seasonal effects. 

Here's an update: I was FLOORED earlier today by fatigue and a heart that was beating too fast! I'd been fatigued and dizzy for three days. 

But then I: 

a) took a nap (I work from home on Thursdays)
b) ate some salty food
c) drank a liter of ashwaganda tea.

I feel scads better now! 

It occurs to me: I was drinking a liter of rhodiola rosea tea a day until Saturday and then I stopped abruptly. But, no ill effects until Tuesday. 

In any event, doing a lot better - finally got to work. Well... now I have to work late.

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