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Where do you feel your palpitations?

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I normally feel mine in upper middle chest. Last night I feeling them pretty low in the sternum and that's never happened so it kinda spooked me a little. I remember people mentioning difference between Pvcs and pacs is upper and lower. So where do you guys feel yours and do you know what they are exactly?

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My PACs just feel like my heart stopped for a bit and I get a hollow feeling, my PVCs feel like a wet fish flopping around in my chest or like going over a hump back bridge quickly. When they are really strong, I can feel the arteries in my neck and groin as if too much blood is being pumped through them. Some times my PVCs are much lower down in my lower stomach which I can see move.  When I go into Bigeminy, I can feel my back jump slightly to one side with each ectopic beat. Going into Sustained Ventricular Tachycardia feels like a pvc, then another, then more quickly another that feels like a runaway train going over a hill where all the PVCs suddenly join together, then it feels like a mad squirrel leaping around in my chest.

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