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POTS biomarker study

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Someone over on an ME/CFS forum posted a link to this paper. My understanding of it is limited, but perhaps there are some here with more of a science background who can make more sense of it. Looks like these are relatively preliminary results. 

The important bits:

 "...identified proconvertase furin as the most robust biomarker signature for POTS...Patients with POTS have lower plasma level of proconvertase furin compared with individuals with normal postural hemodynamic response. This finding suggests the presence of a specific autoimmune trait with disruption of immune peripheral tolerance in this hitherto unexplained condition."


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Wow, this is really interesting!  A bio marker indicating another autoimmune cause for many of us.  I wonder if anyone is on statins and if they have helped.  Thanks so much for posting.

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Thanks for sharing this interesting article Carol! I'm really glad to see research being done in this area. I think the immune system is underappreciated in a lot of disorders. 

I do have some concerns about this study in that it seems the "controls" were not in fact healthy people but seem to have been recruited from a population referred to a syncope unit. They just did not meet the criteria of POTS on the tilt table. Thus some of them may in fact have had POTS just not meeting diagnostic criteria the day of tilt which can be variable, and many of them would likely have some other form of autonomic disturbance. 

It is an encouraging start though, especially as the marker in question was lower in POTS patient's blood - many factors can appear spuriously raised in hypovolaemic/haemoconcentrated patients, but the fact this marker was low strengthens the case for a genuine difference. 

I have to admit I had to look up pro-convertase furin on wikipedia, and it seems it has multiple roles including "This gene is thought to play a role in tumor progression". 

So, as miserable as we are, could we be at less risk for developing cancer? We deserve a little bit of good news in some respect 😉

B xxx

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On 4/1/2019 at 3:12 AM, p8d said:

I wonder if anyone is on statins and if they have helped.

I am now on a statin (day two).  I have taken them at night and for the last two mornings I have been a box of birds.  Significant change to my normal morning routine.  Can't seen anywhere in the study about statins.  May have missed that part though. 

Will keep you all in touch of my progress

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